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"He has nothing to hide, and neither will you."

Paparazzo Benjamin “Bram” Brammel is a “well-fed failure.” A former humanities professor whose academic career was derailed by a series of personal indiscretions, "Bram" is now one of Hollywood’s most successful and notorious celebrity peepers.  While chasing down an A-list starlet involved in an occult conspiracy orchestrated by shady chemical magnates, the Yakuza, and nefarious genetic editors, Bram accidentally gains the power of invisibility – with a catch. While Bram turns invisible when the sun goes down, his clothes do not. If he wants to use his power to uncover the world’s most protected secrets, he has to be truly uncovered.


The Naked Eye is a series that pushes back against a society that is simultaneously emboldened and oppressed by Internet culture. The necessity for everyone to have a digital footprint can make anyone who speaks their mind a defenseless target for cyber-bullying and horrific threats, and the worst elements of humanity now have echo chambers and more advanced organizational capabilities for their destructive agenda. The same technology that frees society from communication barriers also has many groups living in fear. Benjamin Brammel’s unique abilities enable him to destroy that fear – he can access these groups completely undetected and bring their sins to light.


A secondary theme of the story is recognizing the intrinsic value of your life even when dreams are not achieved. Bram is an older Millennial, a generation that was saddled with expectations of greatness. When Ben’s dream career was taken from him and his first true love shattered, he felt his life was over and all that was left was a shameless pursuit of comfort. His friends and experiences as The Naked Eye help him realize that there is no time limit on changing yourself and the world.

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