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Mr. Doring is clearly enjoying himself with this comic...[he] is, it seems, very good at juxtaposing humour with disturbing content."

"The comic’s artist, Beniamino Delvecchio, is equally adept at conveying contrast and works extremely well in tandem with Mr. Doring...There are layers of contrast in the comic...there is craftsmanship in the plot, dialogue and artistic layout." DG Stewart, World Comic Book Review

“Beniamino Delvecchio also captures facial expressions well, in an authentic way that I haven't seen since Tony Harris's work on Ex Machina...”

“Plus, there's something compelling about the concept of a naked, invisible paparazzo hoping to bring down a mega-corporation who dabbles in evil, supernatural magic/pseudo-science.Matt Ligeti,

"The characters are nuanced & emotive, and Doring offers up a line-up that makes it very easy to invest yourselves in their lives...I recommend The Naked Eye for anyone looking for a different type of read that promises adventure & excitement. 4/5 stars." CJ Pendragon, Sirens of Sequentials

"There is much more story here and The Naked Eye #1 has introduced an intriguing concept on which to build." Driving Creators Network


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