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Special Thanks

The Naked Eye's debut issue was made possible by the generosity and exceptional support of our Kickstarter backers. Thank you so much for bringing to life a creative dream that began over 12 years ago! We can't wait to share the further adventures of Bram, Rich, Danielle, and Eva with all of you!

The Naked Eye team would like to thank Kerin Cunningham for designing the “Nothing to Hide” backer reward. You can visit her online store at

Aaron A. Alvarez

Adam Farnsworth

Adam K.

Adam Minott

Ann Lesky

Ashleay Dollard


Brenna McCormick

Brett Bennett

C Costas Chate’ Ukwandu

Christopher 'eChryxius' Wai

Craig Hackl

Dan Rheault

David and Coco Tomlin

Denny Colt

Dirk I. Tiede

Dr. Omar Zeid

Dustin Plunkett

Eric S. Schaefer

Even Siverts

Farah Chherawalla

Fred Dillon

Gary Phillips

Geek Brunch Podcast

Gerardo Rivera

J Rock

Jason Wiser

Joey Esposito

John Doring and Pam Doring

Jordan Litner

Kenny Soto

Ketan Deshpande

L Shapiro

Lenurd the Joke Gnome

Lloyd Thistle

Kyle Čaroban

Mark Featherston

Mark Mastre

Meagan Jamieson

Michael Brooker

Mike Doring

Ming & Poppy

Natalie Becker

Natasha R. Chisdes Olivia Li

Patricia R. Fox.

Paul Anthony “MusicHaven”

Peter Ljungman

Philippe Niederkorn


Rachel H Sanders

Ralph Lepore

Renie and Jamie Jesanis


Roger Stone

Ronald Collins Jr

Saad Shehri

Sara Collins

Sasha Katsnelson

Shelley and Jeffrey Slater

Stacy Fluegge

Stephen Alan Marshall

Steve Tobio Stuart Stilborn

The Accidental Aliens

The Wingedavenger

Troy Davis

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