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Benjamin Brammel Final.jpg

Benjamin "Bram" Brammel is a disgraced college professor who turned to intrusive celebrity photography after a series of personal and professional mishaps. Accidentally "gifted" with invisibility powers, Bram often wavers between leveraging them for personal profit, or exposing the power players who oppress and manipulate the helpless.

Richard Cliff Final.jpg

Richard "Rich"  Cliff is Bram's best (only?) friend and professional colleague. Unlike Bram's previous life of sheltered academia, Rich is an orphan who started celebrity photography at a young age to support his siblings. A fluid, free-spirited optimist who often needs to cheer up the mopey Ben, Rich is also a street-smart partner in crime whose wide variety of elite skills cover for Ben's many physical and mental failings. 

Danielle Gold Final.jpg

Danielle Gold is Bram's ex-fiancé's cousin whose arrival in Los Angeles jolts him out of his doldrums. An aspiring actress who studied at the world's premier drama academies, Danielle's naiveté occasionally puts her in the midst of Hollywood's hidden conspiracies. However, her resourcefulness and strong moral center are a continued source of inspiration to Bram.


Eva Rodriguez is an entrenched member of the A-List who is often attached to Hollywood's most bizarre scandals. A devoted student of the occult who knows everyone operating in the shadows, Eva considers herself not an "agent of chaos," but an "agent of rebirth." Her motivations for her actions remain unknown. 

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